Wednesday, July 1, 2015

50 Paintings Project #6

Vegan, gluten free toast!
What I've learned: I can't paint and chat on the phone at the same time...nor can I listen to an audiobook. I goofed up and had to redo and redo a couple of parts. This definitely feels like my "first" toast...the rest of the loaf will be better.

When I started this project I purchased nine 5x5x1.5" canvases from a chain store. Since then I haven't been able to find anymore of this exact model.  Just ordered 45 more from Jerry's Artarama and have painty fingers crossed that they are as super swell as these babies. I LOVE touching these. They're so solid. The stand up nicely and I almost feel like they are toy blocks for adults. Fun!

Monday, June 29, 2015

50 Paintings Project #5

Das boot!
I didn't have the blue the instructions called for and I got panic-y trying to draw something that would say "hi, I'm a boat" ...but I think it's ok. Oh, and I DID have to use white to touch up the areas that were wonky. Oh well. I wrote "float your own boat" on the sides.
10% of the way done with the project! How's it going for you? :)

Friday, June 26, 2015

50 Paintings Project #4


This exercise was all about blending...and unfortunately I didn't have the starting colors (light blue and cobalt) needed so I blended what I did have with white to make the gradation.  It's ok I think...not as good as the example but just find with me :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

50 Paintings Project #3

Here's #3...only 47 more to go. 
This exercise really did teach me something new about color mixing...and I thought I knew a lot! I'm liking these deep canvases, but boy, the 5 inchers are hard to find! Should I round up to 6", I see them all over the place. I feel like now that I've started I want to be consistent.  

Eventually I'll have these on my Etsy site as a way to raise funds for an artists' workshop I've enrolled in this fall. Thanks for stopping by...stay tuned :)

Monday, June 22, 2015

50 Paintings Project #2

Here's #2! 

 I am loving this project. I'm working through the exercises in 50 Small Paintings by Mark Daniel Nelson.

I'm finding that I'm not following the instructions *exactly* weren't really supposed to mix the bands of colors...but I couldn't help myself.  It's sort of like when you try a new recipe and just HAVE to add a little som-som ;)

I'll be posting these for sale on my ETSY shoppe (or perhaps on Ebay?). I'm raising funds for an artists' workshop I've enrolled in later in the year.

Thanks for checking it out! Stay tuned, only 48 more to go (*nervous grin*)

Monday, June 15, 2015

50 Paintings Project #1

So, I've begun! I think I may add text to the edges of the canvas. We'll see  :) Maybe something like "Dance in the Moonlight" I think it's a good start! Only 49 more paintings to go!!

I will be selling these on my Etsy page in order to raise funds for an artists' retreat I'm enrolled in in October. The canvas is 5x5x2". Stay tuned! 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Erin NY Wood Festival Fun!

This weekend I had the honor of participating as a judge in the Erin Wood Festival's chainsaw carving competition.  Wow! It was a blast with lots of very impressive works. The competitors only had 10 hours to complete their sculptures.  I'm not sure as of today who took the (wood carved) first prize trophy...will update this post when I have more info. There were competitors from Scotland,  the US, and Canada.  I hope to be invited back next year!

Here are some picts from the day. I don't think the photos do a great job at describing the scale of these substantial works of art. I'm sorry to say I don't have my list of artists to link to each of these works (there were about 28 masterpiece entries btw!) Please find the Erin NY, Wood Festival on Facebook for more info! Congrats to all the participants!!
You know I wanted to take this LARGE bun home! By Appalachian Arts Studio in Ridgway PA.
Amazing Sasquatch and super swell carver! BIG BIG BIG!!! 
I loved the sculptural nature of this piece. I felt like the artist took the material (wood) and treated it like marble. Gorgeous! 
Dr. David Roberts' (of Scotland!) entry. Even more impressive in person!

Friday, May 29, 2015

50 Small Paintings Project

I just ordered the book "50 Small Paintings" by Mark Daniel Nelson. In it you are instructed through 50 projects on 5" square canvases. Neat!  I can't wait to get rolling!  I'm having some trouble finding 5x5 canvases or panels.  I may use larger ones and tape off a border. Or leave them large...who knows?

I'll be posting my progress here and around the internets...stay tuned!
(here's a link to a flip through the book)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Painting video

Here's a short progress video of a painting I made on a recycled poster from the River Road Expo :) Thanks for peeking!