Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New old-looking flowery painting!

Flowers flowers flowers...for everyone!
Here is a new painting I had framed recently. It makes me happy!  I'm calling it "As in life: Neon + Grey".  It's 8.5 x 10.5 inches on panel. The golden highlights really pop! in the right lighting. 200 + shipping.
 And doesn't it look dandy with today's dress? 
The hubby really likes this one (awww!) so if it doesn't sell at the gallery I know he won't be too disappointed ;)

Here are 4 pieces I recently had in a gallery show.  They are from my series "The Idols". I love their individuality and spirit! 
9 x 12 inches on thick studio canvas, painted gold or silver. 200 each plus shipping 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Total Recall of Twin Tiers Comic Con 2015, Part 2

I still  have SOOO much to chat about...first of all, the super excellent graphics and branding of the event.  Am I right?  Thanks to Page One Entertainment for makin' it "nice"! Woot!
Thanks to Jason Tubbs for the great photo! xoxo

Here I am, day 2...Holding one of the "action paintings" I made during the event.  Feeling proud that one of these babies found its "forever" home!  

About the outfit: Dress, $6 at a thrift shop. I added a black crinoline to make it extra poofy. Vest, $2 at a different thrift shop.  Hat and necklace, made by me of course. You can't really see it here but my steampunk rendition of a fanny pack was created by splicing together a metal ring belt, the hubby's old tool carrier (which held my scissors and pens), and a super tacky purse (used for $ and my phone and Square device). Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to put something like this together :)
Like most hyper-creative types, I couldn't just stand around...I needed to keep my hands busy...so I made wire wrapped rings and these "action paintings".  I love a square canvas...and especially dig the silver and gold tones as the back drops. The price tag is washi tape and peels off cleanly.   

Stay tuned for more Con excitement!  The next issue of this Total Recall series will include my thoughts about what worked, and what didn't during this event.  
See you soon!
PVB :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Total Recall of Twin Tiers Cominc Con 2015, part I

Wowzers! What a weekend!  
First off, I have to give a shout out to all the peeps that organized this event.  They were the tops!  Other than the almost UNBEARABLE heat everything went just fine and dandy, and that's including the fire alarm break :) (Yummy firemen!, Grrrrowl!) Thank you Page One Entertainment! Especially those super fabu volunteers!

Here's half of my set up, day one. I had A LOT of stuff with me, over $2500 worth of merch plus I was taking custom orders...I heart custom orders!  

I had spent months planning, making, organizing, tax id-ing, credit card devicing, and dreaming about this event. I believe my hard work paid off...for the most part...

(Please be sure to keep following this series of posts to learn what "for the most part" means). 

To be continued... 

Much love!

Friday, August 7, 2015

8 days 'til COMIC CON!!

T2C2, aka Twin Tiers Comic Con is just 8 days away!  Woo hoo!!!

I have A LOT of lists jumbling around...what to bring, what batteries need to be charged, how many custom changes will I need...all the things!  Here's a banner ad the fine convention folks created to help advertise. I feel proud and honored and grateful!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Photo weekend! Plus a new nose?

Wow! What a busy few days I've had!  Started off having some sinus reconstruction on Friday...I can't say I'd highly recommend it...but I am looking forward to the final healing and some great breathing! I'm gonna breathe ALL over the place ha ha ha! (if you're brave, scroll to the bottom for an after shot of my procedure.)

Other than dying my hair on Saturday, not much was accomplished, but on Sunday I had the chance to photograph a lovely young actress, cosplay heroine, and super sweet gal.  We struck a barter and she helped model some of the items I'm going to have available at Twin Tiers Comic Con.  It was a really lovely way to spend Sunday in my magical forest.

Here's the new hair! I just started using oVertone vegan hair coloring conditioners.  LOVE their products so far! I've got extreme pink / go deep on over my already sort of dusty pink.  Check them out at oVertone.co

Oh, and check out this fabu backdrop I worked up. The fabric doesn't look so wrinkled in the product shots...promise!
Processing!  You know I love it! (For reals!)  More shots will be available over on my photo blog: FotoMenaGallery
And here I am in my "I want to be alone" pose.  Cute hat though, right? I love making these fabric accessory do-dads! Here's to great breathing!


Monday, July 27, 2015

Crafty Learning Curves

So I'm still working working working (and, ok, PLAYING!)...on items for Twin Tiers Comic Con...and you'd think, after the literally HUNDREDS of crafty items I've born into the universe that I'd be beyond the dreaded "Craft Fail"...


This weekend I worked on sewing up "simple"  double sided, elasticized, super cute head bands. You wouldn't believe how many times I've had to redo, resew, reconfigure these little lovelies. Yikes! My craft cred card is going to be revoked!
And it continued with these necklace dangles I've been dreaming about...I THOUGHT I was going to use black foam board as the base...NOPE...super fail!  Oh well, this cool vintage paper looks lovely and makes me happy...so that's what I'm going with (I KNEW there'd be a need for it when I bought it a long time ago!) 

How are you doing? Would love to hear about your unexpected craft fails :) I'll feel less lonely LOL :)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Count down to Comic Con!

Twin Tiers Comic Con is coming! Woot woot! Aug. 15/16, Elmira, NY.
I had a BLAST last year, dressed as a stempunk inspired roller gal. Keep scrolling to see last year's get-up (plus a couple of guests!)
Here are some steampunk and super hero inspired dangles...soon to be necklaces ;) 

...And me! And Ron and LLRHood :)

Hope to see you at this years T2C2!!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Work in progress : "The Mermaid Twins"

Here's a wee video I have over on my youtube channel. Stay tuned for the finished work :)

Pink Velvet Bird

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

50 Paintings Project #7

12.5% complete!

So this exercise has the word "Misty" in the title...I think I captured that feeling with my open white spaces on the canvas. It was really hard not to keep fussing with the sections. Again, my colors aren't the same as in the example, but I think it looks a-ok! I think it'll be even better once I varnish it.

We have a scenic view similar to this near our house...it's truly magical  :)

What do you think I should write on the sides of the canvas? Not sure about this one... 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

50 Paintings Project #6

Vegan, gluten free toast!
What I've learned: I can't paint and chat on the phone at the same time...nor can I listen to an audiobook. I goofed up and had to redo and redo a couple of parts. This definitely feels like my "first" toast...the rest of the loaf will be better.

When I started this project I purchased nine 5x5x1.5" canvases from a chain store. Since then I haven't been able to find anymore of this exact model.  Just ordered 45 more from Jerry's Artarama and have painty fingers crossed that they are as super swell as these babies. I LOVE touching these. They're so solid. The stand up nicely and I almost feel like they are toy blocks for adults. Fun!